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If you are a student and consider academic writing a tedious job, you must know that learning this skill is the last resort for you. Students must know that they cannot pursue their academic careers without learning the art of essay writing. There are several types of academic writing. However, in this article, we will learn about the expository essay and its types.

However, it is also notable that a few times, a student questions himself that why I cannot  write my essay uniquely even after applying all the academic writing rules in the text. Such a student needs to give importance to essay writing skills and prewriting and post writing measures. Ignoring those factors can skew the entire writing efforts of the students.

Usually, a student at the initial stage of academic writing finds it hard and hesitates to compose a handy writing piece. Such a student gets confused when its teacher assigns him or her an essay writing task. Thinking in this particular way is something natural for all newbie students. Such students must follow all the rules related to essay writing.  

As far as expository essay writing is concerned, students often get stuck in the middle while creating a top-tier essay on formal writing. Therefore, students must learn the central theme of this writing piece.

What is an expository essay?

As its name implies, this specific essay demands an essay writer to expose a particular subject. Highlighting all the perspectives of a particular subject is the utmost duty of an essay writer. It is expedient mentioning here that an expository essay is not about merely explaining a subject; instead, it is way more than that.

The author has to dissect a subject and expose the subtle features or components of a subject so that the readers can develop an absolute understanding of the topic. There is no space for emotional feelings, opinions, or ideas of a scribbler. 

It has several types that are as follows.

How-to or Process essay

It is a genre of academic writing that demands a scribbler to act as a teacher and explain the whole process bit by bit involved in making a specific subject. The author must consider that the targeted audience does not know anything about the particular subject. Therefore, we can say that the author must have in-depth knowledge about the topic and explain the whole subject in detail.

In a process essay, the students get the flexibility of explaining the entire subject in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Cause and effect essay

It is another type of academic writing. A scribbler must critically analyze the topic and look forward to the main reason for a specific situation. Furthermore, a writer must also highlight all the effects or the results that arose due to the primary reason. An essay composer needs to stay focused on explaining the main reason and the results that are inextricably linked with the primary reason.

Compare and contrast essay

In this particular writing piece, the students have to do a lot of research and keenly observe the two subjects that a writer has to compare and contrast. However, both subjects must fall under the same category even if they look different apparently. 

There are two primary approaches used to explain a topic. The one is known as the block approach, while the other one is the chain approach.

Students must know that there is no space for emotional feelings and thoughts that a writer can express in this particular genre of essay writing service. However, a scribbler must have ample information about the topic. Otherwise, it becomes hard for the author to write a remarkable writing piece. 


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